The online electronic contract markets changed the world of trading.  Many people ventured into trading hoping to make quick money and many succeeded. Traders tend to buy or sell securities for profit. They work in different markets — stocks, debt, derivatives, commodities, and forex among others — and may specialize in one type of investment or asset class. Traders often do their own analytics, too. Despite the old-time stereotype of individual shouting offers and orders on a trading floor, most traders now spend their time on the phone or in front of computer screens, analyzing performance charts and polishing their trading strategies — since making a profit is often all in the timing. Make no mistake, traders use different strategies for success. For example, let us discuss a strategy called the “Power Trend” based on RSI. The strategy works great for turbo options on almost any trading platform. Let’s put all things into perspective and look at the market from the prism of our strategy.